Welcome to the San Juan/Laventille
Regional Corporation

Established in 1990 by the Municipal Corporations Act (Act No. 21 of 1990), Municipal Corporations were set up as an arm of local governance in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Building a Better San Juan/Laventille

Municipal Corporations function under the guidance of very clear and succinct structures dedicated to facilitating efficient community services in their respective regions.

The San Juan/ Laventille Regional Corporation ensures that our burgesses and each community within our region are given the opportunity to increase the quality of their lives, family and access basic needs.

The San Juan/ Laventille Regional Corporation continuously seeks new and innovative ways to engage and support the communities with numerous annual activities.

Your Corporation Serving You

Meet the Council Members

Chairman Richard Walcott

Vice Chairman/Councillor Kwesi Antoine

Councillor Adanna Griffith-Gordon

Councillor Jodi Johnson

Councillor Sherwyn D. Jones

Councillor Raphael John

Councillor Kimberly Small

Councillor Junior St. Hillaire

Councillor Shaniqua Harris

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