How We Work

Municipal Corporations function under the guidance of very clear and succinct structures dedicated to facilitating efficient community services in their respective regions.

As part of the Local Government Reform, the Municipal Corporations focus on and have been tasked with functions that not only allow autonomy but an opportunity to recalibrate organizational structures of the respective Corporations.

Essentially, municipal corporations are responsible for building and maintaining local roads, bridges and drains, collecting garbage, maintaining parks and community facilities, issuing building approvals and overseeing public health and sanitation. The San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation is proud to have achieved these objectives and continues to work zealously to accommodate these facilities in the most effective timing.

How We Strive to Be

  • A model of good governance
  • The leader of actual implementation and practice of Local Government Reform
  • People friendly and productivity enhancing working spaces
  • Competent, skilled and ethical staff, empowered and bought-in to the vision and our future
  • A solid Administrative Team
  • An efficient and unified Council (elected and non-elected sit to articulate policy)
  • More and better private and public partnership

The SJLRC establishes systems to increase revenue and sustain itself as it ensures the flow of services to burgesses, and collective buy-in by burgesses of SJLRC.

What the Corporation Delivers to Burgesses

A new image and living space beautification, green spaces, street-scaping, facilities and style


Better communication with burgesses

Opportunities and hope entrepreneurship

Empowering the leaders of the different communities

Empowering communities to be self-sufficient

Facilities and services properly and professionally delivered for our people throughout their lifespan

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