Places of Interest

Maracas Bay

Located in the north side of the Region, Maracas Bay is one of the most well-known and beautiful beaches on the island.

Las Cuevas Bay (Blue Flag Beach)

Las Cuevas Bay is home to the only Blue Flag-certified beach in Trinidad and Tobago. Great for swimming and sunbathing, it is the longest (22km) strip of sand and the second most popular beach on the North Coast.

Tyrico Beach

This beach is great for the visitor who wishes to be in close proximity to the food and amenities of Maracas Beach, but away from the crowds. A more relaxing swim is also afforded as the angle of the beach results in smaller waves and less hectic surf, making it ideal for visitors with children.

“La Venezuela” Gardens Statue

Standing atop a 20-foot cylindrical tower on the Santa Cruz Old Road, is a bronze-painted statue depicting an Amerindian who was killed by his tribesmen after he went behind their backs and alerted the Spaniards to an impending attack.

Calvary Hill Stations of the Cross

In 1865, Stations of the Cross were erected in upper Laventille in brick and limestone; and re-done in 1905. Processions began at Calvary Chapel at the foot of the hill and ended at the top of Laventille Hill where mass would be held at a temporary chapel, which would be upgraded to become the Church of Our Lady of Laventille.

Maracas Fishing Village

A fishing village is situated at one end of Maracas Bay. Shops can be observed selling grocery items and alcoholic beverages. The fishing center is located towards the end of the road. 

Maracas Lookout

From this lookout, you will see a memorable view that stretches far beyond the Caribbean Sea, including views of the bays below. Be sure to partake in the famous candies and mouthwatering preservatives of the island at the stalls.

Lady Young Look Out

The Lady Young Road links the Eastern main Road in Barataria to the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain. Along this road, you may stop off at the Lady Young Look out for views of the nation’s capital, Port of Spain, the Queen’s Park Savannah and the Caribbean Sea on the horizon. While there, partake in a variety of delicacies and handmade goods.

The San Juan Croisee

Getting its name from the French creole term for crossroads, the San Juan Croisee is so much more than a junction. The Croisee is a hub for all manner of goods and services with vendors selling clothes and food and taxi-men plying their vehicles for hire. The area is still alive at night, with vendors selling drinks and eats for late night “limers”.

Royal Botanic Gardens

One of the oldest in the world, the Royal Botanic Gardens were established in 1818 and can be found north of the Queen’s Park Savannah. The grounds are open to the public every day from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and boast of about 700 trees from every continent of the world. Burial plots of former Governors of Trinidad can also be found on the grounds.

Caroni Bird Sanctuary

Home to Trinidad’s national bird, the Scarlet Ibis, the Caroni Bird Sanctuary is located in the Caroni Swamp, which boasts of acres of marshland, tidal lagoons, mangrove trees and over one hundred species of birds. Boats are available for tours of the swamp and a front seat view of the breathtaking roost of the Scarlet Ibis.

Lady Chancellor Hill

Well-known to fitness enthusiasts, Lady Chancellor Hill is a must-walk/run/jog/hike/bike. After a 2 mile (or 2.2, we can’t decide) mostly canopied trek up the hill, visitors are awarded with a scenic lookout of St. Ann’s, the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain and, on clear days, even Central and South Trinidad on the horizon.

Green Market Santa Cruz

Opened in November of 2012, the Green Market has committed to “promoting healthy food through farmer and consumer education.” Various types of festivals and markets are held at the market on weekends, many times highlighting a specific good which has many beneficial applications.

Rincon Waterfall

Rincon Waterfall is the second highest in the country with an altitude of 249 feet. It is described as a cascade of falls over a series of step rocks. The pool of water at the base offers a refreshing swim. Hiking time is an hour to an hour and a half.

Ortinola Estate

Settled in the Maracas Valley, the Ortinola Great House is a restored plantation house, constructed between 1870 and 1890. During the cocoa boom between the 1890s and the 1890s, the Cadbury Bros. of Birmingham, England operated the estate. The Estate and Great House is now rented for various events and tours are available for the history of cocoa and the cocoa plantation.

Habio Waterfall

As the third highest waterfall in the country, Habio Falls boasts of a high cascade descending 200 feet along rocks, leading into a shallow pool at the base. The hike is moderately challenging and takes about two hours. 

The Stollmeyer Cocoa Estate

Also known as La Regalada Cocoa Estate, the Stollmeyer Cocoa Estate is a privately owned heritage site located in Santa Cruz. The site features a Great House and buildings for the production of cocoa products.

Laventille Horse Water Trough

Along the Eastern Main Road, a horse trough, built in 1853 and fully intact, can be seen.

Angostura Museum

At this two hour tour, you may view over 700 species of local butterflies at the Barcant Butterfly Collection which was acquired from Malcolm Barcant in 1975. The tour also includes the Angostura Museum, the bitter’s manufacturing room, and rum distillery.

100 Steps Beach

Located after Lac Cuevas on the North Coast Road, the beach can be accessed by a short nature walk from Mitchell Trace to a concrete staircase. Be advised, part of the staircase is missing and further descent requires use of a rope which is tied to a tree. Because of the isolation of this beach, it is advised that you visit with a group and exercise caution. 

Fort Abercromby

Overlooking Las Cuevas Bay, are the remnants of Fort Abercromby: two lone canons. The fort, built by the British in 1804, was intended to fend off attacks the French and serve as a last defense in the event that Port of Spain was captured. 

Peechon Cove

Peechon Cove is a small inlet located just before the top of the hill on the Maracas North Coast Road. Apart from the beach there is a stream with a 30-foot waterfall that drops directly into the sea. There are several jacuzzi-like pools caused by the cascade of water. The trek to Peechon Cove takes approximately one hour and 30 minutes and starts at Stollmeyer Estate, situated at the end of Blazney Road in La Pastora, Santa Cruz. 

Maracas Waterfall

With an altitude of 300 feet, the Maracas Waterfall is Trinidad’s highest waterfall.  The walk to the falls takes about thirty minutes and crosses two gentle streams. The falls are best visited in the rainy season (June to December).

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