Tenders Department

The Tenders Department reports to the CEO, and the responsibilities of this department consist of:
  • Procurement of Goods and Services for the San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation.
  • Completion of Request for Quotations.
  • Preparation of Evaluations and Awards for Chief Executive Officer.
  • Dispatching of Awards to various Departments within San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation.
  • Registration of Contractors at the Corporation (Small, medium & large) and maintaining
    a Contractor’s Register.
  • Preparation of Invoices for Payment to Register.
  • Preparation of Tender Notices and arrangement notices for Print Media – Development Programmes and Recurrent Programmes.
  • Evaluation of all Tender documents submitted by Contractors.
  • Arrangement for Smooth Opening and Closing of Tender Boxes(Contracts).
  • Liaison with Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government and Central Tenders Board to process Heavy Equipment and I-Gov-The Information and Communication Technology Company Limited for the purchasing of Computers.
  • Preparation of Petty Contract Book for Petty Contracts when required.
  • Submission of Annual Report of Contracts to Tenders Board (C.T.B.) and The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government.

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