Engineering Department


To ensure works that are done are value for money and of the highest quality, adhering to the engineering standards and specifications.


To employ contemporary and innovative methods to maintain the built environment through a collaborative approach (Council, Administration, Staff and external Agencies).

The Engineering Department falls under the Infrastructural Development and Maintenance Committee and consists of five (5) technical sub-sections: Roads, Transport, Garage, Works and Surveys. The functions and services of the aforementioned units are as follow:

  • Review of plans, and organization of programme of works, detailed estimates of maintenance and development jobs
  • Inspection of in-house projects and teams
  • Supervision of contractor conducting developmental projects
  • Follow-up action of lawful resolution of the Council
  • Ensure that works are programmed, and maintenance and development are executed in a timely manner
  • Review of files and secure implementation of action, as directed.
  • Provision of advice and assistance to Road Officers with complaints from the Public
  • Certification of pay sheets and other financial documents
  • Review of programme of works and progress reports and ensuring deadlines are met, as prescribed
  • Assistance in executing all responsibilities of the Corporation to the Public
  • Assistance in working the Task Schedule within the Work Force of the Corporation
  • Preparation of requisitions for materials and supplies needed in the districts
  • Preparation of estimates – Internal (Development Programme and Programme Of Work), External (Draft Est – Development and Recurrent)
  • Supervision of Development Programme projects under The Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) within the Districts
  • Dispatch of vehicles and equipment to the relevant department in order to carry out day to day functioning of the San Juan Laventille Regional Corporation
  • Maintenance of vehicles, machinery and equipment assigned to the Transport Section
  • Management of filing system for all vehicles
  • Receipt of complaints with respect to abnormalities or defects of vehicles
  • Coordination of ESO, County Superintendent and Fleet Manager
  • Reporting and recording of accidents and incidents in a timely manner as it relates to the Transport Section
  • Maintenance of Log books
  • Preparation of daily and monthly gas reports
  • Operation of vehicles and machinery
  • Preparation of monthly reports
  • Provision of Wrecking Services
  • Loading and Offloading of vehicles required to transport material and equipment
  • Maintenance of Transport compound, including washrooms
  • General maintenance and upkeep of vehicles and equipment for SJLRC
    • Mechanical repairs, including engine rebuilding, brakes, and drivetrain repairs
    • Servicing, including engine, drive train, suspension, and brakes servicing
    • Electrical repairs and servicing
    • Tyre and body repairs and servicing
    • Diagnostic computer analysis
    • Washing and sanitation of vehicles
    • Preparation and painting of vehicles
  • Assessment of the fleet of vehicles
  • Preparation of budgetary estimates for the Section
  • Maintenance of inventory of parts and tools
  • Purchase of parts, materials, supplies, tools, and equipment
  • Reporting and recording of accidents and incidents in a timely manner as it relates to the Garage Section
  • Processing of complaints and defects of vehicles
  • Electrical installation and maintenance on all buildings vested in the Corporations (Market, Pavilions, Bleachers etc)
  • Preservation, upkeep and maintenance of parks, savannahs, open spaces and recreational facilities
  • Maintenance of Corporation buildings (Market, Pavilions, Bleachers etc)
  • Plumbing works on facilities vested in the Corporation (Market,Pavilions, Buildings etc)
  • Fabrication and installation of metal works for public safety (hand rails and guard rails)
  • Provision of engineering service for the technical department
  • Checking of surveys for the Corporation’s fields, recreational grounds and other properties
  • Performance of research for survey data at Lands & Survey
  • Taking of levels for drains etc.
  • Performance of any other duties as required as it relates to surveying
  • Investigation into complaints made by members of the public
  • Assisting in the scoping of projects for the Corporation
  • Delivery of Surveying and Engineering drawings

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