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SJLRC Meetings go Virtual 02.02.2021

The continuous rise and speed of technology has far surpassed our expectations in the way we conduct business and communicate. The Corporation has now used this to their advantage, seeing…
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Site Visit

The San Juan/ Laventille Regional Corporation remains vested in the growth and development of its region and staff. A process in the making over the years, has been diligently managed…
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School Sanitization Media Launch Feb 01, 2021

The San Juan/ Laventille Regional Corporation, during the months of January to February 2021 engaged in the sanitization of all its schools and councillors’ offices within its region. Amidst the…
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International Women’s Day 2021

The San Juan/ Laventille Regional Corporation in understanding the sensitive climate of women’s safety both locally and internationally held its first breakfast meeting with the women in leadership roles at…
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