SJLRC Meetings go Virtual 02.02.2021

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The continuous rise and speed of technology has far surpassed our expectations in the way we conduct business and communicate. The Corporation has now used this to their advantage, seeing it as a positive outcome of an ongoing pandemic.

Members of the Council of the San Juan/ Laventille Regional Corporation did not hesitate to initiate a paperless and virtual layout of its meetings. The first of its kind held on February 01, 2021. Promoting this new implementation, Chairman, Alderman Anthony Roberts noted that there would no doubt be a decrease in our contribution to pollution and active consciousness in lessening our carbon footprint. This paperless meeting will cut our paper usage by more than 85%.

As the transition of virtual meetings continues, for both Council and staff, this new approach to meetings will seek to improve productivity, enhance the speed of decision making process and improve the methods and capacity at which information is received and disseminated at meetings.

As the SJLRC continues to advance into new ways to better serve the council, the virtual capacity will be increased to communicate with our burgesses by a number of platforms already in the works.

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