SJLRC IWD 2023 Celebrations –Coping With Period Poverty

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On Wednesday 8th March 2023, the San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation commemorated International Women’s Day with the distribution of menstrual care packages. These menstrual care packages were distributed to one hundred women within the San Juan/Laventille region by Councillor Joy Benjamin, Councillor Racquel Ghany, TikTok travel influencer Zoe Reeve and members of the Communications Department on the San Juan Promenade (Croisee).

This initiative was geared toward combating ‘period poverty,’ which refers to the limited or inadequate access to menstrual products or menstrual health education due to financial constraints or negative socio-cultural stigmas.
The menstrual care packages consisted of various items, such as feminine products (sanitary napkins, feminine wipes), crackers, stationery and brochures, which were donated from the following organizations:

– Hand Arnold
– Thomas and Sons Limited
– Stragglerz Entertainment
– RH Designs & Co.
– Stats Bar & Lounge
– Suncrest International Limited
– Prescription House Pharmacy
– Unrestricted Solution Company Limited
– AP Scott Trinidad
– Pennywise Cosmetics Limited

Upon the success of this venture, The San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation would like to thank these organizations for their consideration and contributions to our IWD 2023 Initiative.


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